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When The World’s Finest Flower Meets the World’s First Dose-Measuring Vaporizer

Taste and feel the difference of a temperature and dose controlled dry herb vaporizer with Ryah brought to you by Green Revolution.

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Ryah Difference

RYAH Dose Measuring Inhaler

  • Revolutionary cylindrical heating chamber maximizes heating surface area for a consistent experience
  • Controlled, even heat distribution guarantees pure flavor with no burnt taste


Traditional Conduction Vaporizer

  • Traditional conduction chamber disproportionately applies heat leading to inconsistent experiences
  • Uneven heat distribution results in a burnt taste

Make it Easy to Track

What Works for You

Accurate Dosing & Temperature Control

  • Control your temperature by 1 degree increments
  • Set a specific dose down to the ml
  • Personalize your microdosing regimen
  • Save the temperature and dose that worked
  • Best for you as a preset for future sessions

Track What Works for You

  • Record the effects of each session
  • Compare each Green Revolution cartridge experience
  • Understand the temperature and dose that works best for your needs

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Our Process

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Our Ryah Cartridges

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