Terpene Love Cannabinoid Standardized Profiles

There is more to love about cannabis than just THC

Cannabis is a unique plant that has evolved to produce hundreds of different cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids that work in concert to yield different aromas and effects of your favorite strains. These natural compounds
have their own unique properties and benefits. The cannabinoids are the vehicle and the terpenes are the driver. Not only do you get a sweet ride, but now you can go exactly where you want to go.

At Green Revolution, we took the guesswork out of cannabis products. Your favorite cannabis treats shouldn’t produce bland, unpredictable results. Not only should they taste great but they should also provide fun, long-lasting effects that you can count on.

By creating a symbiotic blend of precise cannabinoids and terpene profiles from meticulously selected strains, Green Revolution’s “Terpenes Love Cannabinoids Standardization Profiles” deliver fast-acting, accurate experiences. Each and every time.

The optimal combination of high terpenes and high cannabinoids gives you the power to control your experience. We at Green Revolution have given you the keys. Now it’s up to you to find your moment.