Sweet Dreams (2:1:8 CBD:THC:CBN Ratio) – Chill

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams




Organic, Non-GMO Avocado Oil, Pesticide-Free


2:1:1/8 Ratio


Rich in Nutrients and Healthy Omegas

  • 200mg CBD + 100mg THC + 25mg CBN
  • Deep Rest utilizes the traditional power of Chamomile and Valerian root in perfect concert with one another to aid in the easing of the mind and the body. Lemon Balm for its powerful antioxidant properties and known ability to help ease the nuances of life and aid with insomnia.
  • Chamomile, Valerian Root, Lemon Balm. (Chill Profile)


Water-Based, Water-Soluble- Dissolves instantly into any beverage for a make your own Cannabis Cocktail.


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