Joysticks Chill






Biodegradable High Flow
Crutch Hemp Based Paper
Sealed with CO2 oil and kief


Rev Farmers Alliance


Burns even & smooth

  • A revolutionary filtered joint using meticulously selected strains blended together for a particular taste and a specific result.
  • We source cannabis grown by the passionate farmers of the Revolutionary Farmers Alliance who love the plant and love the industry. Cared for by master growers who pay close attention to the plant, harvested and cured in highly controlled environments, and then packaged with love and care to be transported and blended by our blend master.
  • Each pack comes with a Boveda 2-way humidity control pack for maximum freshness and fullest terpene profile.
  • Every Joystick is a blend of four or five different strains for an optimal experience; a delicious smoke that will burn evenly and consistently throughout the whole session.


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