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Can I order these products online and have them shipped to me?
No. At this time our products are only available at licensed retailers in Washington State. Our online Ordering & California facility will be open in 2019.
How do you make it easier to dispense serum out of the syringe?
CBD, when ultra-pure will tend to crystalize. Place the syringe in warm water that is not quite boiling temp and the crystals will liquify.
Will cannabis cure …?
Due to our license with the Washington State liquor control board, we are not allowed to make medical claims or give specific advice. Send an email to and we will respond to the best of our ability
Will you fail a drug if I use your products?
If you ingest product that contain THC most likely they will show up in a test. With topical products, we have never seen or heard of someone failing a test if used externally as directed.
Why are GreenRevolutions tinctures more effective than others that I have tried?
We are a nutraceutical company and are always looking for ways to develop the best products on the market. Our tinctures are water based which not only allow them to dissolve into any drink, they can also be absorbed by the body at the speed of water. Which is faster than any other medium such as oil or alcohol. Our tinctures are also fortified with cannabis based terpenes which increase the speed and effectiveness greatly. There is more to this plant than simply THC.
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