January 2, 2020

Conquer Your New Year’s Resolutions with Cannabis

Top Fitness Trends in 2020 to Help You Start Your Journey As we start our journey into the new decade, we are all faced with the drive to be more fit and live an overall healthier, more positive lifestyle. While there are a lot of trends out there, the most important aspect in each trend is setting goals and holding yourself accountable for reaching them. At Green Revolution, we have products geared towards fitness and wellness enthusiasts and with that in mind, we have curated a few of the 2020 fitness trends to help you start on the right track. Group Training Group training may seem daunting and scary for many fitness novices, or enthusiasts starting new fitness routines. The trend for many gyms and trainers is creating a small group training environment that allows for trainers to work with each individual in the group to improve form, motivate and create […]

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