July 31, 2019

UK Lawmakers Aim to Fully Legalize Cannabis Within 10 Years

Sometimes all that’s needed for a policymaker to change their mind on marijuana legalization is a quick trip to a plac…
July 30, 2019

Masked Activists Hand Out Nearly $1000 Worth of Cannabis in Manchester

There are growing calls in the United Kingdom to legalize recreational marijuana, with parliamentary officials even sugg…
July 27, 2019

MMA Fighters to Act as Test Subjects for Topical CBD Treatments

Ultimate Fighting Championship athletes will be the next group of players to participate in a multiphase clinical study …
July 26, 2019

Juneau City Officials Approve On-Site Cannabis Consumption at Dispensaries

City officials in Juneau, Alaska approved an ordinance on Monday that will allow the on-site consumption of cannabis pro…

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