Sublingual Spray


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Sleep utilizes the sedative power of CBN and the relaxing and soothing effects of Chamomile and Valerian root. This Indica based sublingual spray is an excellent addition to your bedtime ritual. Our organic coconut oil-based spray tincture is a discreet and accurate way to consume cannabis.

Available size
Organic Cold-pressed Coconut Oil
Organic Lemon Essential Oil
Green Tea Extract
Sugar-free Sugar-free
Gluten-Free Gluten-Free
Vegan Vegan
No Dyes No Dyes
No Dyes
How to use

It comes in a 5ml spray bottle that can be sprayed under your tongue sublingually, on edibles, or as a topical. Each spray contains 2.5mg of THC + 0.25mg CBN for easy measurement and accuracy.