CBD 1000 AM

CBD 1000 AM

20:1 CBD:THC




No Dyes


20:1 Ratio



  • CBD 1000 AM is designed for daytime relief, so you can operate throughout the day unhindered. Add a few dropperfuls to your morning routine to promote all-day wellness.
  • Holistically formulated to be quickly and effectively absorbed by the body faster than other alcohol or oil-based tinctures. Crafted for Medical, available for Recreational.
  • Our tinctures are water-based and water-soluble, so they dissolve instantly into any beverage or can be consumed sublingually. Make your own Cannabis Beverage, add it to Tea, Coffee, or Water.
  • Each 3.4 oz. bottle comes with a dropper for easy measurement. 6.25mg CBD + 0.3mg THC per dropperful. 160 servings total.
  • Full-Flower, Sun-Grown, Pesticide-Free, Standardized Full-Spectrum Oil Blends extracted with CO2 and Organic Cane Alcohol Extraction Methods.

2 reviews for CBD 1000 AM

  1. Tommy (verified owner)

    CBD 1000 AM tincture helps me get through the day without any sluggish side effects. When my back is sore, I take some of this tincture to help loosen up the sore muscles.

  2. @dabbypotwin (verified owner)

    1000mg of CBD may seem excessive. In comparison to other products, this is actually one of the more affordable ones on the market, price per mg. There’s a lot of us out there with #chronicillness and #chronicpain and #washingtonstate has been unforgiving. Our medical program is in shambles and now more products are being forcibly removed from the market. I’m grateful for the emerging @expgreenrevolution and their potent, affordable products. This 20:1 #cbd #thc tincture is water based making it fast acting and easy to mix with other liquids. Most tinctures are oil based and that’s a barrier recently overcome by new technologies

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