Mini Doozies ELEVATE

Juicy Peach

Find balance and harmony in all you do. Mini Doozies Juicy Peach are here to fuel your creative side with a 1:1 ratio CBD:THC and a hybrid cannabis-derived terpene profile.

Mini Doozies are perfect for microdosing! Mini Doozies vegan, made with real fruit juice and rapid onset with nanotechnology for a brilliantly simple, effective experience. No junk, just juice!

Unwrap and enjoy! Beginners start with one Mini Doozie, wait approximately 90 minutes, then increase your serving as needed for the desired effect.


Per 20 Pack Box: 100mg CBD + 100mg THC
Per Mini Doozie: 5mg CBD + 5mg THC

Organic, Non-GMO Avocado Oil
Vegan Vegan
Real Fruit Juice Real Fruit Juice
Real Fruit Juice
No Dyes No Dyes
No Dyes
Clean Green Certified Clean Green Certified
Clean Green Certified

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