Fast Tabs

Nighttime Relief*

20:1 CBD:THC
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Catch some zzz’s and wake up refreshed with a 20:1 ratio of CBD:THC. Chamomile, Valerian Root and L-Theanine are here to support a restful night’s sleep.

Per 20 Count Bottle: 200mg CBD + 10mg THC + 4mg CBN
Per 50 Count Bottle: 500mg CBD + 25mg THC + 10mg CBN
Per Tablet: 10mg CBD + 0.5mg THC + 0.2mg CBN
Available size
50 Pills
More Bioavailable than Capsules
Fast Acting Fast Acting
Fast Acting
Long Lasting Long Lasting
Long Lasting
Vegan Vegan
How to use

Swallow one tablet by mouth and wait approximately 2 hours before increasing your serving.

The Difference
Fast Tabs are vegan, sugar-free and faster-acting than capsules! Formulated with nanotechnology for rapid onset you'll feel in 10 minutes.