October 24, 2018

Catching Zzz’s with CBN – Cannabis as a Sleep Aid

For those sleepless nights in Seattle, many people turn to cannabis to help them catch those zzz’s. Certain cannabinoids and terpenes such as CBD, CBN, and myrcene are known sedatives, offering a natural alternative to over-the-counter sleep aids. Green Revolution’s Beauty Sleep and Sleep Sublingual Spray use the sedative power of CBD, CBG, and THC to deliver a truly restful night’s sleep. A few sprays before bed is a lot nicer on your lungs than smoking and much tastier. A dropper or two of Beauty Sleep puts you to sleep and helps you stay asleep. Make it a part of your bedtime routine by adding a few droppers to your sleepytime tea. Learn more by checking out Herb(n) Element’s article that explores the use of cannabis as a sleep aid.
November 15, 2018

Green Revolution Joysticks: The Art and Science of a Pre-Roll

The experience you get from the Joystick is unparalleled.  Most often the burn and draw quality of joints are inconsistent.  Not with Green Revolution Joysticks.  Our connoisseur quality flower from our Revolutionary Farmers Alliance and our manufacturing process is unique and unlike ANY joint or per-roll on the market. The Joysticks feature hemp based paper and a biodegradable high flow filters.  Each Joystick is tipped with a little love of Co2 oil and Kief for a delicious start to the blend of strains for an optimal and consistent terpene and cannabinoid profile in 4 distinctive rich experiences – Chill, Fly, Relief and Elevate. Enjoy, share and Live Positive!    
November 26, 2018
gluten free holiday cannabis treats

Forbes Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Cannabis Edibles For Parties

We just made the Forbes list with our Green Baker's gluten-free, cannabis-infused chocolate chip cookies! Learn More Today!
August 28, 2019

Navigating Cannabinoid Ratios