May 16, 2018

Positive Effects of Using CBD

Cannabis is gaining popularity and is being used (wherever it has been legalized) in various food items and dietary supplements. It has also been a subject of research studies all over the world. Cannabidiol or CBD is a key chemical compound found in cannabis. It is a leading natural medicine used to cure several illnesses. Let’s look at the positive effects of using CBD in this post. Relieves Swelling and Pain One of the major benefits of CBD is its natural pain relief qualities. A research published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine shows that CBD when used on mice and rats, helped reduce inflammation and pain. Another major benefit is that CBD stops nervous system deterioration. Provides Antipsychotic Effects CBD can be used as a tranquilizer to treat psychotic conditions. It is commonly used for clinical trials in various patients and in open case reports. Helps Quit Smoking and […]
May 5, 2018

The Harder You Play. The Harder We Work.

Ask any athlete. The secret to peak performance is a smart recovery routine. When you leave it all on the field, the trail, or in the gym, you put a lot of thought and effort into recharging your batteries. Like performance, recovery is equal parts art and science. But the body can’t do it alone. What you don’t want is to turn your body into a science experiment by relying on high tech and decidedly unnatural chemicals and formulas. For those who want to take the natural path to recovery, Green Revolution has developed Solace. Solace is the topical for an active lifestyle. Its powerful combination of cannabinoids, terpenes, and nutritive ingredients provide rapid localized relief for uncomfortable muscles, joints, and skin. Utilizing our Terpenes, Love, Cannabinoids Standardization protocol, Solace contains our Relief terpene profile that helps speed up the absorption of cannabinoids and other nutritive and therapeutic ingredients into […]
April 9, 2018

The Edibles Have Evolved

Have you stayed away from edibles because they are too weak, too strong, or too unpredictable? Rewind the tape to 1987 when your crazy uncle whipped up a plate of weed brownies. And when you asked how potent they were, the only response you got was a weird smile. Eating one of those space brownies was a leap of faith into the unknown. But in today’s i502 recreational market, edibles have evolved to a point where those concerns are no longer. Gone are the days of the mystery edible. Today edibles are rigorously tested for consistency and potency. Testing labs like Analytics 360 meticulously measure for the potency of cannabinoids, microbials, mycotoxins, residual solvents, and terpenes. This allows for an unprecedented degree of control as to what goes into edibles. For people purchasing edibles at an i502 retailer, this means you can control the exact amount you want to consume […]
March 13, 2018

Budtender Confidential – Stranded on an Island with only one Cannabis Product

Imagine yourself on a sandy beach. The sun is shining, and the sea breeze brushed your face. There’s nothing quite like getting blazed at the beach. The only problem is that you are stranded on a deserted island. However, you have one cannabis product with you. (When I travel to states without recreational marijuana laws, it feels like I’m stranding myself on an island.) Luckily, cannabis is good at making light out of a dark situation. ‘Castaway’ would have been a different movie if Wilson was a bong instead of a volleyball. But the question remains: which cannabis product would you have with you? We asked Budtenders around the state of Washington which product they would bring with them if they were stranded on a deserted island? Let us know what cannabis product you’d take with you in the comments below!