Minor Cannabinoids and How to Make the Most of Your Cannabis Experience

The benefits and possibilities of the cannabis plant have gotten more attention as the plant becomes legally both medically and recreationally around the country. We’ve long revered the two powerhouse cannabinoids CBD and THC for their many life affirming qualities, but when you hear the words “full-spectrum cannabis” does that mean that there’s more to it than that? Experts and medical professionals have begun looking into the other components of the cannabis plant to discover other possible uses and cultivation techniques that can be used to contribute to your wellbeing. When you start to list the additional cannabinoids found in the plant, you get an alphabet soup that can be difficult to sift through. At Green Revolution, we’ve been using minor cannabinoids in our full-spectrum cannabis products since the beginning. So we’ve decided to help you more simply digest this alphabet soup that is minor cannabinoids.
Minor cannabinoids are considered minor because of their lack of abundance in the typical cannabis plant. Cultivators are learning at what stages in the growing process certain minor cannabinoids reach their peak percentages. A more mature plant may have a higher amount of CBN than a younger plant, for example. Minor cannabinoids are more complex to harvest and process, but their benefits are mighty.

So what cannabinoids are considered “minor”?


found in the plant during the early stages of growth, this cannabinoid has been associated with mood-boosting effects. Research also shows CBG may be capable of reducing nausea. We proudly feature CBG in our Happiest Self Fast Tabs fast-acting tablets.


CBN is at its most abundant when it’s in the more mature stages of cultivation. When harvested and processed, CBN has been known to have relaxing properties, which makes it a perfect addition to our Beauty Sleep water-based tincture. Customers rave about Beauty Sleep and it’s 4:2:1 ratio of THC:CBD:CBN for the complete benefits of the Entourage Effect.


THCA is an unactivated form of THC. THCA is non-psychoactive, with a lot of similar benefits to THC. THCA occurs at its most abundant before it has been heated to activate THC.


D8THC is a great option for consumers who benefit from the psychoactivity of THC, but would like a less intense experience. This cannabinoid is potentially beneficial towards mood and memory.

When shopping for cannabis products, it’s important to know the role of each member of the cannabinoid family plays in your wellbeing. By bringing these cannabinoids together, Green Revolution has created a variety of experiences for every cannabis user. Morning or night, for self-care or for fun, cannabis is here for you and your wellbeing.

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