May 31, 2019

140 People Scheduled to Testify on First Day of FDA Hearings on CBD

When the word dropped that the federal government was interested in knowing our conclusions on CBD, it seems to have spu…
May 30, 2019

Iowa Lawmakers Plan Attempt to Override Veto of Medical Marijuana Expansion

Two Democratic lawmakers in Iowa are calling for a special legislative session to override last week’s veto of a medic…
May 29, 2019

California Bill to Allow Medical Marijuana Purchases for Pets Advances in Congress

The state that led in legalizing medical marijuana for the two-legged is once again stepping out in front when it comes …
May 25, 2019

Two-Year Investigation of Illicit Weed Market Leads to Multimillion Dollar Raids

In a reminder that marijuana legalization does not legalize the production of all marijuana, Colorado police announced t…

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