January 31, 2020

Marijuana Decriminalization Advances in Virginia State Legislature

Virginia may be a step closer to reducing its draconian punishments for small-time cannabis possession. SB2, which would…
January 30, 2020

Spreading the Love this Valentine’s Day with Cannabis!

With love in the air and cannabis in our hearts, we’re looking forward to showering our loved ones with affection, quality time and gifts! Whatever you or your partner’s love language, there’s a cannabis-infused gift that’s sure to make them feel special.  6 Ways to Incorporate Cannabis into Your Valentine’s Day Celebrations 1. Share a pack of Joysticks Whether you’re taking your special someone for a walk on the beach or you’re enjoying a romantic stroll to your date spot, a two-pack of Joysticks is sure to spark the right mood. Choose from your favorite of our “Terpenes, Love, Cannabinoids” Standardized Profiles for a reliable, precise experience. 2. Keep it Discreet with a 100% Smell-Proof Bag Skunk Bags developed their smell-proof technology with form and function to keep your private matters…… private. Visit their website to browse styles for you or your boo. 3. Split a Wild Side Skip the […]
January 30, 2020

Tennessee Man Lights Up Joint in Court To Protest Marijuana Laws

Out of the mists of confusion and panic that have roiled 2020 heretofore, a hero emerges. Instead of ducking his head, s…
January 30, 2020

Governors, Graded on Weed

As public support for marijuana reform continues to grow, more governors seem to be taking notice and adopting pro-legal…